Mixing Birthstones with Kara Nicole Jewelry

Understanding how to mix and match different birthstones can be a stylish and personal way to express your unique taste. Kara Nicole has a variety of birthstones that can help enhance your creativity and make your jewelry collection uniquely yours. Birthstones have a rich history, with each one symbolizing a different month of the year and embodying specific energies and characteristics.

A Brief Introduction to Birthstones

Each birthstone, represented by a different gem for every month, has a story to tell. The gemstones are believed to give the wearer good luck, health, prosperity, and protection. They are also artfully used in jewelry to make a style statement. To mix and match these birthstones, you need to know the colors, symbolism, and how they pair visually and energetically with other stones.

January to June Birthstones

  1. Garnet: Symbolizes protection and strength.
  2. Amethyst: Stands for wisdom, spirituality, and sobriety.
  3. Aquamarine: Represents hope, good health, and youth.
  4. Diamond: Signifies love, strength, and courage.
  5. Emerald: Embodies wisdom, growth, and patience.
  6. Pearl: Comes for purity, innocence, and humility.

July to December Birthstones

  1. Ruby: Signifies love, passion, and courage.
  2. Peridot: Represents strength, dignity, and protection.
  3. Sapphire: Stands for wisdom, protection, and divine favor.
  4. Opal: Embodies hope, innocence, and creativity.
  5. Topaz: Comes for love and affection.
  6. Turquoise: Symbolizes luck, protection, and happiness.

How to Mix and Match Birthstones with Kara Nicole

Mixing and matching birthstones to create your unique piece of jewelry is an art. Here’s a breakdown of different ways to do so with Kara Nicole.

Color Harmonies

When trying to mix and match different birthstones, it’s essential to consider aesthetic color harmonies. For example, combining complementary colors or easily matching similar hues can enhance the overall color scheme of your jewelry.


The symbolism of the birthstones can be a creative way to inject personal meaning or express certain energies. For instance, pairing a Diamond (April: strength) with a Ruby (July: love), you can potentiate jewelry representing strong love or passionate courage.

Family Birthstones

One sweet and sentimental way to mix and match birthstones is to include the birthstones of family members. This adds a level of personal connection to your jewelry and can create a meaningful keepsake.


Your personal style should dictate the method you mix and match the stones. Vintage, modern, minimalist or boho—whatever your style—ensure it aligns with the combined jewelry pieces.

FAQs about Mixing and Matching Birthstones

Can I combine any birthstones?
Yes, you can combine any birthstones according to your preference, keeping in mind the color harmonies and personal symbolism.

What if I don’t like my birthstone’s color?
Not a problem, choose one that resonates with you or represents someone close to you. At the end of the day, the jewelry you wear should make you feel good.


Mixing and matching birthstones is a wonderful way to create unique, personalized jewelry that not only looks stunning but also holds personal meaning. With Kara Nicole’s variety of birthstones and knowledgeable guidance, you can effortlessly express your individuality and style.

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