Birthstone Jewelry Care Tips by Kara Nicole Jewelry

Custom birthstone jewelry can make for a truly unique and stunning possession. Kara Nicole, specialists in this genre of jewelry, handcrafts every piece with precision and a personal touch. Their jewelry lineup reflects exceptional quality and intricate craftsmanship. However, every delicate piece of jewelry requires a certain degree of care and maintenance. Here are some essential care tips to prolong the luster and durability of your custom birthstone jewelry from Kara Nicole.

Storage Tips

Careful storage is a crucial aspect of jewelry care. Always store your jewelry in a clean and dry place. Avoid leaving it in humid areas as moisture can damage the precious stones. Using separate pouches or compartments for different pieces will prevent them from rubbing against one another and causing potential damage.

Avoid Exposure to Chemicals and Heat

Exposure to chemicals can tarnish the brilliance of your jewelry. Hence, always remember to remove your jewelry from Kara Nicole when cleaning, bathing, or swimming. Furthermore, extreme heat can also have a negative impact, especially on the birthstones. Hence avoid wearing them to the beach during summers or while using hot appliances.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning assists in maintaining the sheen and sparkle of your birthstone jewelry. Use a mild soap and warm water solution to clean your jewelry, and pat dry with a soft cloth. Never use harsh cleaning agents as they might cause more harm than good to your precious pieces.

No Rough Handling

Always handle your custom birthstone jewelry with utmost care. Avoid doing any heavy work or high-intensity activities while wearing your jewelry, as it may not only scratch but might also displace the birthstones secured on them.

Professional Cleaning

If your jewelry loses its sparkle despite your regular care, consider reaching out to the professionals. A professional cleaning at least once a year ensures the preservation of your jewelry’s original sparkle and sheen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What kind of jewelry does Kara Nicole specialize in?
    Kara Nicole specializes in handcrafted custom birthstone jewelry.

  2. Is it safe to clean the jewelry at home?
    Yes, it is safe to clean your Kara Nicole jewelry at home with a mild soap and warm water solution. However, avoid using harsh cleaning agents.

  3. Why should I avoid wearing Kara Nicole jewelry while swimming?
    Chlorinated water in swimming pools can damage the birthstones in your Kara Nicole jewelry, and hence it is recommended to avoid wearing them while swimming.


Custom birthstone jewelry from Kara Nicole is sure to accentuate your style and personality. However, such precious pieces necessitate timely and appropriate care to maintain their luster and longevity. With a few precautious steps, you can enjoy your stunning jewelry for years to come.

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